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Kauai Traditional and Historic Hawaiian Sustainable Farm Practices

KOA Farm is located in Lihue near the Menehune fish pond.  Our mission is to conduct research, promote education, and demonstrate sustainable agriculture practices, of which organic farming methods are an integral part. KOA Farm’s focus is to practice traditional Hawaiian cultural values and methods and use the Hawaiian concept of the “Ahupua’a” or holistic and integrated natural resource management of a watershed.  Our primary crop is taro, a main staple of the Hawaiian diet 500 years ago, and we are in the process of raising commercial tilapia.  In walking the farm, you will find other plants used by ancient Hawaiians such as coconuts, bread fruit, bananas, kava, noni, and shampoo ginger.


A scenic farm located on the southeast corner of Kauai growing traditional food.


Travel into the past to see traditional Hawaiian practices used today.


Stay with us and help us to grow and harvest taro and other Hawaiian plants.